Arunika: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Arunika: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat en-US (LPPM STIE Tri Dharma Nusantara) (Asmawiyah) Fri, 26 Jan 2024 07:37:31 +0000 OJS 60 PRAKTIK PENCATATAN BUKU KAS DAN LITERASI KEUANGAN PADA KELOMPOK IBU RUMAH TANGGA DI GOMBAK VILLAGE KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA <p>Household finances are not an easy thing, you need to manage household finances <br>correctly so that all the needs of various family members can be met. Managing family finances well, <br>managing carefully how expenses match the income earned, is one of the keys to family success. <br>And you need to understand that managing household finances is not only an individual's <br>responsibility, but husbands and wives have the same important role and responsibility for <br>managing finances in their household. However, in most conditions in people's lives, the wife plays <br>the role of treasurer or minister of household finance. This community service activity program <br>collaborates with partners. This form of service is carried out through the promotion of financial <br>literacy and the practice of recording shopping books for housewives. This activity aims to increase <br>and foster financial literacy knowledge for housewives so they are able to be wiser and manage <br>household income and expenses, in order to meet their daily needs. The results achieved can be <br>seen from the positive and enthusiastic responses from the participants. Participants were <br>communicative with question and answer sessions and sharing during the service activity process. <br>Activities like this are very beneficial for partners, especially housewives, some of whom work as <br>cleaners, thereby increasing their knowledge in recording household finances. The service team<br>hopes that activities like this can continue with different themes and the creation of basic <br>accounting consulting services and simple bookkeeping of household finances</p> Nurwahyuni Nurwahyuni, Fitriani Fitriani, Hasnidar Syam Hasnidar Syam ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 26 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 PELATIHAN TATA KELOLA KEUANGAN PRODUK KELAPA KOPRA PADA KELOMPOK UMKM DESA LAPEO KECAMATAN CAMPALAGIAN KABUPATEN POLEWALI MANDAR <p>Lapeo village is an area with a quite large produce of agricultural, especially copra coconut <br>farmers. It is usually used as a raw material for making VCO (virgini coconut oil). One of the SMEs in <br>Lapeo village carries out these businesses. However, the SMEs have a problem in financial process. <br>Precisely, they do not know how much income they earn, expenses, and capital they spend. <br>Therefore, the aim of this service is to provide training regards to financial management to the <br>copra coconut SMEs. The method to implementing this activity is carried out through 3 steps, <br>firstly, direct inspection, secondly, analyzing problems, and thirdly, carrying out financial training. <br>The results are the SMEs expected to be able to carry out routine financial records and separate <br>personal and business financial records. Furthermore, this training received a positive responses<br>from the participants.</p> Nur Ariyandani, Dian Rahmayanti Rivai, Nur Fitriani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 26 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 SOSIALISASI MEMBANGUN JIWA DAN RAGA: PENCEGAHAN PERUNDUNGAN DUNIA MAYA DI LINGKUNGAN SEKOLAH <p>Cyberbullying is a serious threat to students in the era of information technology that <br>continues to develop. This socialization activity was developed by involving the active role of <br>schools, teachers and students which focused on understanding the risks of cyberbullying and <br>strengthening students' social skills. Through participatory methods which include presentation of <br>educational material, discussions and questions and answers. The results of this activity showed a <br>significant increase in students' understanding and their willingness to actively participate in <br>preventing cyberbullying. The aim of this outreach activity is to create a safe, inclusive and <br>supportive school environment, and to increase students' knowledge, understanding and <br>awareness regarding online bullying in order to avoid cyberbullying as both perpetrators and <br>victims.</p> Bahriansyah Bahriansyah, Afiah Mukhtar, Andi Makkulawu, Asmawiyah Asmawiyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 26 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 SOSIALISASI PERAN WIRAUSAHA MELALUI EDUKASI KEWIRAUSAHAAN PADA IBU-IBU ANGGOTA PEMBINAAN KESEJAHTERAAN KELUARGA (PKK) DALAM MENINGKATKAN PEREKONOMIAN KELUARGA DI DESA <p>: Community Service is one of the activities carried out by academics to provide <br>knowledge to the community which can be implemented both socially and economically. The Lapeo <br>Village PKK group has some potential to produce local products that can have sales value. Through <br>this community service training, the aim is to provide entrepreneurial outreach to PKK <br>administrators and members in order to provide knowledge that can be applied to businesses run <br>by PKK women in Lapeo Village. The Lapeo Village PKK group faces several problems, especially <br>regarding knowledge of starting a business properly and correctly. The first problem faced is a lack <br>of knowledge about entrepreneurship itself. The second problem is the lack of knowledge about <br>the stages and processes of entrepreneurship which must be understood by every mother who is <br>interested in doing business. The third problem is a lack of knowledge about the factors of success <br>and failure in entrepreneurship that must be anticipated and understood by every entrepreneur <br>and mother who is interested in doing business. The solutions offered in community service <br>activities are 1) Increased understanding of entrepreneurship, especially for women who are <br>administrators and PKK members of Lapeo Village, to maximize and increase the spirit of <br>entrepreneurship in Lapeo Village. The proposed activity plan is 1) Preparation stage, 2) <br>Socialization of the Role of Entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurship Education for Mothers, <br>Members of Family Welfare Development (Pkk) in Improving the Family Economy in Lapeo Village, <br>District. Campalagia</p> Nursyam Anwar, Sumarsih Sumarsih ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 26 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 MANAJEMEN DISTRIBUSI PRODUK KOPRA PADA KELOMPOK UMKM DESA LAPEO DI KECAMATAN CAMPALAGIAN KABUPATEN POLEWALI MANDAR <p>Kelompok UMKM Desa Lapeo has quite abundant produce, one of which is copra <br>products. Through this community service training, it aims to provide distribution management <br>training on copra products to provide knowledge that can be applied to the business run by <br>Kelompok UMKM Desa Lapeo. Kelompok UMKM Desa Lapeo faces several problems, especially in <br>determining product distribution, the first problem faced is the lack of knowledge in managing <br>product distribution. The second problem is the competition between copra products and <br>surrounding areas that have similar plantation products with Kelompok UMKM Desa Laepo. The <br>third problem is the difficulty in managing inefficient product storage which can affect the quality <br>of copra products. The solution offered is to increase understanding of distribution management <br>in Kelompok UMKM Desa Lapeo, then maximize the determination of the right product distribution <br>to improve the economy of owner business.</p> Muhammad Fauzan, Irawati Irawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 26 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000 PENYUSUNAN NASKAH AKADEMIK PEMEKARAN KELURAHAN KATOBENGKE KECAMATAN BETOAMBARI <p>The problems of this research are: (1). What problems are faced by the people of <br>Katobengke Village which are the reasons for the need to prepare a Draft Regional Regulation for <br>the Expansion of Katobengke Village? (2). What are the philosophical, sociological and juridical <br>considerations/foundations for drafting the Draft Regional Regulation in question? (3). What are <br>the implications of implementing the Academic Text for Village Expansion which will be regulated <br>in Regional Regulations on the Economic, Socio-Cultural and Environmental Aspects of the Village. <br>The research objectives are: (1). Formulate the problems faced by the Katobengke community of <br>Baubau City which are the reasons for the need to prepare a Draft Regional Regulation for the <br>Expansion of the Katobengke Village. (2). Formulate philosophical, sociological and juridical <br>considerations/foundations for drafting the Draft Regional Regulation for the Expansion of <br>Katobengke Village. (3). Outlining the Implications of Implementing the Academic Text for Urban <br>Village Expansion which will be regulated in Regional Regulations regarding Economic, SocioCultural and Environmental Aspects. The expansion of the Katobegke sub-district in Betoambari <br>District is based on Government regulations. Manuscript of research results (legal studies &amp; other <br>research results) on a particular problem. Manuscript of research results (legal studies &amp; other <br>research results) on a particular problem. As a solution to society's legal problems and needs. <br>(Attachment 1. Law No. 12/2011). Created in the context of preparing the Baubau City Raperda <br>concerning the Expansion of the Katobengke Village. This research is based on normative <br>legal/juridical research, namely highlighting law as something to aspire to (das solen), secondary <br>data sources/library research. Data collection steps include: (a) inventory of regulations per law: (i) <br>related to the formal &amp; material principles of drafting the Draft Regional Regulation; (ii) other <br>relevant legislation; (iii) non-legal materials (b) analysis (qualitative), reduction, explanation, <br>drawing conclusions (Miles &amp; Huberman, 1992). The result of this research is the formation of an <br>academic text and draft regional regulations regarding the formation of Katobengke Village, <br>Betoambari District</p> Rosnani Said, Faharuddin Faharuddin, Henni Mande, Nuryati Nuryati ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 26 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0000